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If you'd like to know more about the 'Rambler From Clare'.

The Johnny Patterson project was never intended as a musical 'docu-drama'. It was though intended as a tribute to his legacy. So we hope any historians who notice our 'tweaks' to the story will forgive us the poetic licence we have taken. At least one of the accounts of his life mentions at least two different versions of exactly who started the riot that lead to Patterson's untimely death. Indeed, it also points out that one account has the incident occurring in Castleisland rather than Tralee. It is evident then that an accurate version of his life story may not be easily agreed, if at all. Nevertheless, we provide access here, as far as possible, to the documentation that we have collected during our labours.

There are aspects of the life of the man who dubbed himself 'The Rambler From Clare' which are much easier to agree on. Patterson was not only a special contributor to Irish music; in our view (and who could disagree here?) he was a huge figure in the the growth of musical comedy. He may not have been the first, (how can we be sure) to regularly write songs satirising the locals for the amusement of locals wherever he trod; but he was certainly the first Irishman to become an international star by virtue of his wit and expertise in that particular art. Add to this the fact that he was both an enormously versatile musical performer and a composer with the knack of writing wonderfully memorable airs; and you have the makings of a legend. Remember also that Johnny was born 100 years before the birth of television, at a time when Circus life was one of the few channels through which celebrity could grow at all. In post famine Ireland, the Irish Singing Clown, the Rambler from Clare, did it big time!

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Karen McGillycuddy and Bridget Nolan have produced a beautiful CD called Celtic Enchantment. Proceeds to charity.

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Ed Looney, (a pillar of our own band) Laura Cahillane and Morgan Pierce have recently launched their first album, Whispering Sounds.

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Carla Coffey kindly sent this link to: The Library of Congress - American Memory. The first link is to their home page where you can search to your hearts content, but the second link will take you to an image of the first (well early!!) edition of Bridget Donahue.

The Library of Congress

Biddy Donahue - Sheet music

Clare County Library (Ennis) has an excellent reference to their very own 'Rambler' Johnny Patterson (1840-1889)
This Harry Bradshaw article on Johnny Patterson is one of the most authoritative and best referenced accounts you will find. Appears courtesy of Ennis Library. Johnny Patterson, The Rambler from Clare
(NB large file- may take some time to download.)
American Press Notices. Addressed  to The People Of Ireland, Johnny Patterson announces his retention by Powell and Clarkes Paragon Circus and looks forward to a successful season in 1886. To the People of Ireland
The ITMA in Dublin is a superb resource for anyone interested in the history of Irish Traditional Music

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Killorglins own PUCK FAIR is bigger than ever... better than ever. For all the details, check out the web-site.

Puck Fair

Visit her very own web-site and find out more about our exceptionally talented narrator, the wonderful Marina Cassidy. Marina Cassidy
Do Your Best For One Another. The song that lead to Patterson's untimely demise. Performed by Mary Walsh... this track is taken from 'Tears and Smiles of a Clown', an audio account of Patterson's life with a selection of his songs and together with Jigs and Reels.
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Do Your Best For One Another
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Kingdom Music Academy
Duncan Patterson, is the great-grandson of  'The Rambler from Clare'. An original (and globetrotting) musician in his own right. We were delighted that he was able to come to our opening night. Duncan Patterson
Check out Mick's own website. A free resource for music teachers and students. soundswell
...and did you know that Mick was a member of the local writer's group, Knibs? knibs.ie
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